Who gives you permission to enter the group? The story of Brian

Who calls the shots when you enter a new group? Is it your direct manager, the team, yourself? Everything in onboarding is geared around creating an environment where expectations are being synchronised, cultural and political assimilation can take place at its best. In fact it is all about influencing the system around you to make […]

I appreciate you because you’re different

What is the half-life time of the value team diversity?  Team diversity in my book is something that goes far beyond race and gender.  The value of diversity in teams in unquestionable but how come so many organisations destroy this value the moment they can lay their hands on it? This team has to act as a […]

Boosting organisational performance: the story of Karen

How long does it take before a senior exec is delivering what was expected whilst staying fit and healthy at the same time? Three months, six months a year maybe? When I asked a few Chief Human Resource Officers a few weeks ago they all tended to agree on something between 4-8 months. And if […]

Stress during Onboarding – Turning Fear into Fuel

Thank you all for all your stories how you control unhealthy stress. You were so open and honest about it. In this blog I will take through some aspects of onboarding that can be a big source for stress: expectations. Managing expectations is one of the key pillars of successful onboarding. And when you got that […]

Stress during OnBoarding – The story of Peter

How do I get more time to relax, see things from perspective without being dragged into a game I don’t understand and that wears me out?  A senior executive who I will call Peter with a very good track record came to see me the other day. “It feels as if I am forced into […]